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    Wed, Jun 24, 2020 at 12:00 PM
    Eastern Time (US & Canada)

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    Can you get 22x on your money?

    Supercharged Stocks identifies asymmetric opportunities in the market: to limit downside risk while the potential multiple of return! It is about odds. The options and derivatives market can best be used for this because of the use of leverage; however, we do not need leverage. There is only one sector right now that time and time again has proven this strategy.

    We engage retail investors with market commentary, usually privy to institutions, CEO interviews and insights into the markets, sectors and companies that could deliver massive potential gains.

    The site is also meant to encourage critical thinking. It is not just about some of the great returns already achieved but the reasoning behind why we need to invest in a new approach, to use modern tools to solve current problems.

    About Supercharged Stocks We are the 'hub' to get you in ahead of the curve of the mining sector boom. It is not enough to amass data or analyze data but to critically think about the nature of the data, the source of it and validity of the data. The world is full of noise and correlations can appear from anywhere and models are only as good as the data put in. We look forward by honoring the past. We apply statistics and fundamental analysis to consider how to position for exceptional opportunity.

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    Andrew O'Donnell

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